Commuter Bikes in Bangladesh

What is Commuter Bike?
A commuter bike is a basic motorcycle designed for the day-to-day traveling and also called entry level bike. The commuter bikes are used for daily commuting purpose of a short distance ranging from 20 km to 50 km. So, base on the traveling distance, the manufacturers provides different engine capacities for these motorcycles. Typically, the entry-level motorcycles are considered with engine capacities of less than 150 cc and power output ranges up to 10 bhp(HP vs BHP denotes ‘brake horsepower’ ). However, the premium commuter motorcycles provides engine displacement from 150cc – 200cc which offer more power & torque.

Characteristics of Commuter Bike:

☞ The commuter bikes have a simple design/shape

☞ The commuter bikes have higher mileage and lower maintenance

☞ They are cheaper to make than other types of bikes

☞  Ensure greater fuel economy

☞ These bikes also have inexpensive and durable spare parts

Some manufacturers provide special features such as Hero uses the Idle-Start-Stop-System (i3S) to further improve the millage rate.TVS install the ‘Ecothrust’ technology to reduce friction inside the engine while Yamaha offers Diasil Cylinder to improve the engine performance. Similarly, Bajaj added ExhausTec technology that improves ‘scavenging’ process that pushes the exhaust gases out of the cylinder.


Pros & Cons for Commuter Bike:

Pros Cons
The commuter bikes are the most affordable motorcycles to buy and operate. Always safety hazards and have life risk factors as controlling tools are cheaper
The commuter bikes have a simple design/shape and manufacturing process Commuter motorcycles generally do not provide much in the way of comfort or protection for the rider, thinner tyre & cheaper brake shoe that can create safety hazards
Technically, they are cheaper to make than other types of bikes. The commuter bikes have higher mileage and lower maintenance. Primarily, their focus is on the fuel economy. Cheaper spare parts frequently increase maintenance cost for frequent replace it
The commuter bikes carry out the day to day commute without any hassles. Limited control
The commuter bikes have more more easy stop-and-go traffic quite well Limited safety measures
The Commuters are ideal mainly for the intra-city travel. The commuter bikes are not ideal for long-distance
The premium commuter bikes offer higher power & torque, trendy colors, and sporty design/style. Limited safety, inadequate suspension, lower ground clearance and insufficient braking ability. limited safety, inadequate suspension, lower ground clearance and insufficient braking ability.


In Bangladesh popular motorcycle brands are as Bajaj, TVS, Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Runner etc and every company has Commuter bike for their customers with various colour variants. The popular branded Commuter bikes are listed with price for the riders so that they can choose their bikes from the list bellow.

TVS Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Honda Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Hero Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Bajaj Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Suzuki Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Yamaha Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Runner Commuter Bike Ranges.......

Popular Branded Commuter 100-110cc Bikes Price List

Bajaj100ccCT 100 ES 107,000
Bajaj102ccPlatina 100 ES 110,000
Bajaj110ccDiscover 110 Disc137,000
Bajaj110ccPlatina 110 H (Disc)124,500
Hero100ccHF delux All Black BS4108,500
Hero100ccHF delux- BS4106,500
Hero100ccHF delux Self BS399,990
Hero100ccSplender- BS4102,990
Hero100ccSplender Plus SE115,500
Hero100ccSplender-i3S IBS114,500
Hero100ccSplender-i3S IBS BS4106,990
Hero100ccSplender-Self BS3102,990
Hero110ccI Smart Plus119,500
Hero110ccPassion Disc136,990
Hero110ccPassion Xpro Drum BS4109,990
Hero110ccPassion Xpro i3S117,990
Hero110ccPassion Xpro Xtec136,500
Honda110ccDream 110107,000
Honda110ccLivo Disc CBS131,500
Honda110ccLivo Drum119,900
Suzuki110ccHayate EP107,950
TVS100ccMetro ELS112,990
TVS100ccXL- Comfort90,990
TVS100ccXL-100 I Touch75,900
TVS110ccM plus Disc  133,,990
TVS110ccM plus Drum128,990

Popular Branded Commuter 125cc Bikes Price List

Popular Brand125cc ModelPrice(BDT)
TVS Max ST1,32,900
TVS Stryker 1251,29,900
Bajaj Discover 1251,41,900
Honda CB Shine SP1,39,900
Hero Glamour BS31,22,990
Hero Glamour BS41,23,990
Hero Glamour BS4 i3S1,25,990
Hero Ignitor 1,28,990
HeroIgnitor Techno BS41,32,990
Suzuki Suzuki GSX 1251,39,950
Yamaha Saluto1,40,000
Runner Turbo 1251,32,000

Popular Branded Commuter 150-160cc Bikes Price List

BajajAvenger 160 ABS160cc247,500
BajajPulsar 150 SD (Glossy)150cc182,000
BajajPulsar 150 TD (Glossy)150cc195,500
BajajPulsar 150 TD ABS150cc210,500
BajajPulsar 150 Twin Disc150cc184,000
HeroHunk 150R ABS150cc185,990
HeroHunk 150R DD150cc175,990
HeroHunk DD150cc161,990
HeroHunk DDM150cc168,990
HeroHunk SD150cc151,990
HeroHunk SDM150cc158,990
HeroNew Thiller DD-BS6-ABS160cc209,490
HeroNew Thiller SD-BS6-ABS160cc197,990
HondaCB Hornet CBS 160cc203,900
HondaCBR 150 R-D.ABS150cc550,000
HondaX Blade DD ABS160cc207,900
HondaX Blade SD160cc183,900
SuzukiBandit Dual Ch. ABS155cc349,950
SuzukiGixxer Carb Disc155cc235,950
SuzukiGixxer Classic Plus155cc194,950
SuzukiGixxer Fi ABS155cc293,950
SuzukiGixxer Mono Tone155cc186,950
SuzukiGixxer SF Card-Disc155cc272,950
SuzukiGixxer SF FI Matt Plus150cc329,950
SuzukiGixxer SF FI-ABS150cc309,950
SuzukiGSX R150150cc414,950
SuzukiIntruder ABS155cc314,950
TVSApache RTR 4V RD  Ref160cc204,900
TVSApache RTR 4V RD  Ref  ABS160cc 219,,900
TVSApache RTR 4V SD  Ref160cc194,900
TVSRTR 160 120 MM R Tyre RD160cc198,900
TVSRTR 160 120 MM R Tyre SD160cc173,900
YamahaFazer FI V2150cc280,000
YamahaFZ V2150cc220,000
YamahaFZ V3150cc249,000
YamahaMT 15155cc415,000
YamahaR15V3 Dual ABS155cc460,000
YamahaR15V3 Monster Dual ABS155cc550,000