150cc Bikes in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh popular motorcycle brands are as Bajaj, TVS, Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Runner etc and every company has 150cc bike for their customers with various colour variants. The popular branded 150cc bikes are listed with price for the riders so that they can choose their bikes from the list bellow.

Popular Branded 150-160cc Bikes Price List

Popular Brand in BD150-160cc ModelPrice ৳
BajajPulsar 150 DD1,80,900
BajajPulsar 150 SD1,69,900
BajajNS 160 FI ABS2,54,900
BajajPulsar 150 DD ABS1,96,900
BajajNS 160 Refresh2,08,000
HondaCB Hornet 160R1,89,900
TVSRTR 160 2V SD1,69,900
TVSRTR 160 2V DD1,74,900
TVSRTR 160 4V SD1,86,900
TVSRTR 160 4V DD1,96,900
TVSRTR 160 4V ABS2,07,900
HeroThriller 160R SD1,84,990
HeroThriller 160R DD1,94,990
HeroHunk DD1,61,990-1,66,990
HeroHunk SD1,51,990-1,56,990
HeroAchiever 1501,34,990
Suzuki Gixxer Mono Tone1,74,950
Suzuki New Gixxer DD2,24,950
SuzukiNew Gixxer FI ABS2,44,950
SuzukiNew Gixxer SF Disc2,71,950
SuzukiNew Gixxer SF FI ABS2,91,950
YamahaFZS FI V-22,30,000
YamahaFZS FI V-32,40,500
YamahaFazer FI V-22,71,000
YamahaR15 Dual ABS4,85,000
YamahaR15 V3 Monster Edition4,95,000
YamahaXSR 1555,45,000
RunnerKnight Rider 1501,56,000
RunnerKnight Rider V21,66,000