Cruiser Bikes in Bangladesh

What is Cruiser?
A cruiser is a bike that is meant to enjoy the ride, not race from here & there. It can have as much or as little power as the rider feels to enjoy, it’s just more about the vibe and the feeling of the open road. It’s definitely not a sport bike or a dirt bike, but rider can always customize a bike into anything rider’s choice. If it’s built to cruise, it’s a cruiser!

A cruiser bike is a type of motorcycle for full of enjoyment of riders which falls under the premium motorcycle segment. So, generally in term of cost, most of the cruisers around the world cost more than regular commuter bikes. In terms of design, cruiser bikes have low seat-height with better seat cushions. The cruisers have two basic categories, such as the tourers and choppers.

Characteristics of Cruiser:

A low seat height with the fuel tank slightly above it, and mid or forward foot controls– that’s it. It should be a little bit relaxed and the riding position usually places the feet forward and the hands up, with the spine straight or leaning back slightly. The handlebars are wider rather than others type of Motorcycle.

Style & Feelings:

Mostly Cruiser makes emotional response to the look and feel. The sound, the vibrations, the look, Cruiser makes fly the riders emotion. Relax on a cruiser regarding low height seating, suspension and control on pleasant ride down the open highway. Added that there is a option of adding a passenger or luggage.

Power & Performance:

Traditionally, Cruiser have the option of higher cc and also higher torque for long way of journey but less power & torque compare to sports bikes. They often come with upgraded brakes and suspensions, better ground clearance, and premium surface finishes, as well as more exotic or modern muscular (non-traditional cruiser) styling. The cruiser bike is tuned for long highway hauls which means a different torque and acceleration profile.

Pros & Cons for Cruiser:

Pros Cons
Cruisers are more comfortable than the commuter bikes at slow to medium speeds. Low ground clearance
Riding position allows the rider’s feet to stretch up to the front and the hands straightening up. Riding for long periods at high speeds can cause exhaustion and restlessness.
The cruiser offers relaxed and long hours of fatigue-free riding The cornering ability in cruisers is limited because of low ground clearance.
The cruiser bikes have an attractive shape, complex design, and multi-level manufacturing process. Technically, they are expensive to manufacture than regular commuter bikes.
The cruiser bikes have more comfortable High maintenance cost and low millage
The cruiser bikes travel a moderate distance without any hassles. They offer great comfort and convenience. They are difficult while negotiating the stop-and-go urban traffic due to their bigger size.
Attractive design and color shades and Some premium cruiser bikes offer better suspension, safety, and other equipment Mostly expensive


In Bangladesh popular motorcycle brands are as Bajaj, TVS, Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Runner etc and every company has Cruiser bike for their customers with various colour variants. The popular branded Cruiser bikes are listed with price for the riders so that they can choose their bikes from the list bellow.

Popular Branded Cruiser Bikes Price List

BrandCruiser BikeCruiser CCRegular Price ৳Offer Price ৳Offer ৳
BajajAvenger Street 160160cc2,24,5002,24,5000
SuzukiIntruder FI ABS155cc2,99,0002,99,0000
SuzukiIntruder Disc ABS155cc2,75,0002,75,0000
RunnerUM Runner Renegade Sport150cc2,75,0002,55,00020000
Runner Renegade Commando 150150cc2,60,0002,42,00018000